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eSuiteOne announces customizable SEO Friendly URLs for eCommerce module.

06-Jul-2010 eSuiteOne's eCommerce module (Products and Catalogs) have been upgraded so their URLs are now editable and more SEO-Friendly. To enable this feature you'll need to follow these steps:

   1. In the Admin Console, choose Admin > Google/Bing/Yahoo Optimization.
   2. On the Search Engine Optimization page that appears, scroll down and click the option to Enable SEO friendly URLs.

After you enable the SEO friendly URL Feature the system will automatically rewrite all the URLs for your catalogs and products so they become easier for both humans and search engines to read. Products in an online store will use a URL structured in this format:


Going forward from this point all new products and catalogs that you add will have SEO-friendly URLs created following these steps:

   1. The system will convert the product or catalog name into lowercase characters
   2. The system will change any spaces and special characters, such as ampersands (&) and percent signs (%), into dashes (-).
   3. If multiple folders, catalogs or products use duplicate names, the resulting URLs are checked for duplicates; as needed, the system appends a numerical suffix of to create a unique URL

When you edit the products and catalogs you will be able to manually edit their URLs in the detailed view if the generated URLs are insufficient for your needs. Please note that due to these changes in Product and Catalog URLs the Product import template has been changed so you will need to export your product list again or download the new template before you edit your products offline and upload afterward.