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It's official, I'm a "Nookie"

Michael Schmidt - Thursday, August 26, 2010
Just bought a "nook" (the ebook reader from Barnes & Noble) and I love it!.

I buy 3-5 books every month and they are mostly Marketing, Business, Design or Web related titles, which means they usually cost between $30 and $50 each and with 25-50% savings on eBooks (as opposed to the print version) it doesn't take a math genius to figure out that the "nook" is going to pay for itself in a very short time (WIFI version: $149.00 - WIFI + 3G version: $ 199.00) - I bought the 3G version.

The E-Ink screen is easy on the eyes for hours of reading (As opposed to back-lit LCD screens) and you can read in direct sunlight, just like it was black print on white paper.
Only drawback the screen is not lit, so you can't read in the dark - but that is easily fixed with a clip-on reading light for less than $20.

So why the "nook" and not Amazon's Kindle?
I actually almost bought the Kindle but decided to make a side by side comparison and the two readers a remarkably similar on the most important features.

The features that changed my mind and made me buy the "nook" was:

  • You can change the battery of the "nook" when it eventually burns out (which usually happens within 3-4 years for this type of rechargeable batteries) When the battery on the Kindle burns out, well, you'll have ti buy a new Kindle.

  • While the "nook" has a black and white E-Ink screen just like the Kindle, It also has a small color touch screen for navigation that also doubles as a virtual keyboard (much like an iPhone's) and works remarkably well. You can also use the mini touch screen for: Scrolling through book covers, search your library, check email via the "nook" web browser amongst other things.

  • The "nook" uses the Android Operating System and you can actually install special Apps for the nook (RSS readers, library organizer, Notes etc)

  • You can expand the memory of the "nook" with a micro SD card.

  • Access to approx 900.000 books + When you bring your "nook" to a Barnes & Noble store/cafe you can even read books that are not free for up to an hour.

  • and last but not least - It plays MP3's (has a 3.5 mm. headphone jack)
My new "nook" has been glued to my hands for two days - It's absolutely the coolest and I highly recommend it! (and NO, I'm not an affiliate or a paid reviewer/endorser).
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