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80+ Hottest Tech, Social Media, Marketing & Design Tweets - July 9 2009

- Friday, July 10, 2009

Bit Rebels

Unusual Wedding Invite
Creative – Global Warming Videos
Play on Logo Symbols
Elements of Life | DJ on Tour
New York – Luxury Packaging


 I Am Stunningly Uninterested In Diller And Malone’s Opinion Of Twitter
BlackBerry Clearly Has Some Apple Envy Issues
Why Chrome OS Now? Because Microsoft Office In The Cloud Comes Monday!
Bing Comes To Hotmail
Web-based Productivity Suite Zoho Now Integrated With Microsoft Access
Mollom Blocks Its 100 Millionth Spam Message
Indaba Music Improves Collaboration Through Revamped Digital Music Workstation
MG Has A Chrome Attack
Live from London: The Europas Awards
OneRiot Real-Time Search API Now Open To All
Twitter CRM Service, CoTweet, Raises Series A Funding; Launches Public Beta.
SuperFan Combines Social Gaming With Fan Worship
Office 2010 Promo Video Promises Action, Excitement, Explosions
Google Finally Adds Creative Commons To Image Search
Speeding Up RSS
It’s Official (Kind Of): People Prefer the Kindle
Location Now Built-In To Google Maps — In Chrome And Firefox
Someone At Apple Has A Sense Of Humor
Multi-Platform Media Sync Software DoubleTwist Gains Hundreds Of Thousands Downloads, Now Available in Japan
TokBox Fires 50% Of Engineering Team, All Founders Gone
Gnip Launches Push API To Create Real-Time Stream Of Business Data
New URL Shortener Is Kind Of Cool, Kind Of Defeats The Point
While Sacks Plays Poker, Yammer Burns
Microsoft’s Silverlight 3 Launches Early
The Naked Truth 2009 Slides: Show Me The Money
Bing To Google: Try Updating Your Index Once In A While
Review: Nokia N97 - So Close, Yet So Very, Very Far.


Should a Social Media Editor Use Social Media?
The Web in Numbers: Twitter Back on Track, Wolfram Alpha Plummets
CoTweet Now in Public Beta; Get the Same Twitter CRM Tools as Big Brands
#12forGood Contest: One Day Left to Win a Kodak Zi6!
Stats: How Much Money are Facebook and MySpace Making?
NFL Says “No” to Players Tweeting During Games
15 Must-Follow Comedic Film Actors on Twitter
With 50 Million Monthly Users, Meebo Hones in on Engaging Ads
The New York Times Asks Readers If They’d Pay For Online Version
5 Steps for Successful Social Media Damage Control
In Case You Don’t Know Where You Are, Google Maps Now Tells You
Place Your Bets: Will an NFL Player Tweet from the End Zone?
Skating Babies Make Evian Commercial a YouTube Hit [Video]


Zoho's New Plugin Turns Microsoft Access Databases into Web Apps
Interview With Tim Berners-Lee, Part 1: Linked Data Part 2:
Who Uses Social Networks and What Are They Like? Part 1: Part 2:
Security Guru Calls Chrome OS's Security Claims "Idiotic"
CoTweet Opens Public Beta: Now You Can Tweet Like Starbucks
eMarketer: Blame it on MySpace: Ad Spending on Social Networks Expected to Drop 3% This Year
Boxcar: Twitter Push Notifications Done Right
Dreaming the Impossible Dream? CancelAds Removes Display Ads from Online Content
John Hagel Interview: Implications of the Shift Index for Enterprises
SaaS Is Over-Promising and Under-Delivering, Survey Says
How to Fire Non-Performers
Five Early-Stage Alternatives to the Traditional Investment Model of Growing Startups

TG Daily

Google's a threat to you, not Microsoft
Robot learns to smile and frown
Nvidia "stealth launches" two new products
Supernovae are most distant ever detected
Things looking up for semiconductor market, says iSuppli
Compound extends lifespan by a third
Cellphone site will track your enemy down - at a price
Murdoch says Twitter is bad investment
Verizon readies Blackberry Tour
Google Chrome OS: Is Google finally jumping the shark?
Apple files patents to improve the iPhone
You don't have to choose between Bing and Google
Arctic thick ice disappearing at dramatic pace, NASA says
Alcatel-Lucent greens DSL
Inlet introduces live video streaming for the iPhone
EA declares end to Tiberium wars with C&C 4
iPhone shakes up mobile games industry


11 More Alternative Search Engines You May Not Know


Has Microsoft Killed the Linux Netbook?

Personal Branding Blog

Setting Up for Successful Follow-up
Blue Collar Personal Branding

PC World

Microsoft Ties Dynamics CRM to Twitter


Combine PR, Branding, and Lead-Gen to Market Through the Recession: 6 Steps

Practical eCommerce

Blogging Builds Trust, Demonstrates Expertise

Website Magazine

Commission Junction Offers Green Products
Focus on the Creative, Not Just Clicks
VisiStat 7.0 & LeadCaster Wow with Linkedin, Jigsaw Integration
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